Trading Activities


Foodco LLC maintains a focused approach in each area of its operations, covering a broad range of market requirements. Trading activities include modern FMCG contracts and traditional wholesale and food service operations for institutional clients. The company also caters to the requirements of governmental institutions.
Modern trade

To ensure the success of international brands in regional markets, Foodco LLC has developed a sophisticated system aimed at streamlining sales, marketing, merchandising and distribution efforts. Furthermore, the company is fully involved in supporting product distribution by taking advantage of all existing marketing opportunities.
Traditional trade

With years of experience, effective logistics and a well-developed distribution network in place, Foodco LLC runs a successful operation of wholesale trade that meets the expectations of our most demanding customers. The company also provides for small retailers by sourcing and supplying a selection of products, including basic commodities in bulk such as sugar, flour, rice, spices and more.
Food Service

Foodco LLC has extensive experience in supplying both food and non-food items to a wide range of public and private organizations across the UAE, regularly securing major contracts with government departments.
Government Institutions and Tenders

Extending beyond conventional distribution channels, our trading activities accommodate the requirements of several governmental and semi-governmental institutions across the UAE who entrust their supply needs to Foodco LLC. The company also actively participates in rice tenders issued by the government.