Our History

FoodcoHolding was established in 2006 as a result of the growth and increaseddiversity of the companies encompassed by Abu DhabiNational Foodstuff Company (Foodco LLC) presently. A renowned and respected firmin the region that was established in Abu Dhabi in 1979 as a public shareholding entity under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed AlNahyan, the President of U.A.E. Foodco Holding comprises four subsidiarycompanies, Foodco LLC, Sense Gourmet, Dana Plaza and Oasis all of which operateas standalone entities under the holdingcompany.


Setup as a public shareholding entity, the Abu Dhabi National Foodstuff Company, nowknown as Foodco Holding, is the core foundation of the group. Benefiting from astrategic location, strong financial backing, a solid infrastructure and aprogressive approach, the company flourished, paving the way for further growthand development.


Seekingdiversity, the group penetrated the non-food market by launching Dana Plaza in1987. A pioneer department store at the time, it remains a preferred retaildestination for Abu Dhabi residents today.


In1997, the establishment of Oasis National Foodstuff brought cutting-edge foodprocessing and packaging technologies to the region. Oasis prides itself in thediversity of its services, and boasts an impressive portfolio of well-respectedcompanies


Recognizingthe high potential for catering operations and other lucrative opportunities inthe hospitality sector, the group went on to establish Sense Gourmet in 2005with the ultimate purpose of setting up high-potential restaurants across theGCC, MENA and South Asia regions.


Uponthe creation of Foodco Holding in 2006, all the divisions that previously cameunder Abu Dhabi National Foodstuff Company (Foodco) became standalone companieswith independent financials and management teams. The board of directors of FoodcoHolding assumes the responsibility for the strategic oversight and governanceof the entire group, making decisions on acquisitions and divestments, as wellas providing treasury, human resources and auditing functions for all companieswithin the group. Furthermore, as a strategy to diversify financial resources,Foodco Holding has made successful investments in various sectors, includingreal estate as well as private and public equities.


Withsolid prospects for development and expansion, construction of the new FoodcoHolding offices in Mafraq is already underway. Set for completion in thebeginning of 2013, with an estimated cost exceeding AED 80 million, the newpremises boast a vast 65,000 square meter area and will house Foodco LLC, SenseGourmet and Oasis.


Thesite benefits from impressive space as well as proximity to Tawila, the futurelocation of Abu Dhabi Ports. Phase one will see the completion of the company headoffices housed in block A, as well as dry and cold stores housed in block B.Phase two will bring the project full circle with the completion of block C,which is dedicated to food processing and manufacturing, and block D, whichwill offer additional space for dry and cold stores.