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2019 Dividends

Foodco Holding AGM, on its meeting held on 26 April 2020, decided not to distribute dividends for the year 2019.



Uncollected cash dividends before 01 March 2015


Following the instructions of the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) regarding the Unclaimed Dividends for FOODCO HOLDING PJSC Shareholders prior to 1 March 2015.

FOODCO HOLDING would like to ask the honorable shareholders, who did not collect the cash dividends prior to 1 March 2015, check the below list to make sure that the shareholder's name is due as a cash dividend and to proceed with the settlement of their entitled dividends.

So, If the name is confirmed please provide the following documents:

  • Request letter from the shareholder or his legal representative for re-issuance of the dividend cheque or to make a bank transfer.
  • Valid Emirates ID and/or Passport and a copy of each.
  • If you have a Power of Attorney, please provide the following:
    • An original copy of notarized POA.
    • Valid Emirates ID and/or Passport and a copy of each for the representative.

FOODCO confirms that “from the date of Dec 31, 2021, all dividends that were not received by shareholders will be transferred to the Securities and Commodities Authority, which will be responsible for disbursing the value of the dividends to those who deserve it”.
The Authority shall publish in due course a statement on the Authority’s website and financial market’s website clarifying in detail the role that will be assumed by the Authority


Contacts Details :

Tel : 02-6731000

E-Mail : tayseer@foodcouae.com


Download List of Shareholders who didnt Receive thier Shares